gluten free vegetable lasagna

The Best Gluten-Free Vegetable Lasagna

This gluten free vegetable lasagna is going to become a staple in your household.  One of my best friends shared this recipe with me and I was in love with it.  It is "Hot and Healthy Body" approved.  It takes about 10 minutes to put together and tastes like you have been cooking all day long.


1 jar tomato sauce or homemade sauce

1 large zucchini, cut thin and lengthwise

1 sweet potato, cut in thin circles

1 pkg of sliced mushrooms

1 red pepper sliced into strips

1 pkg of spinach

1 bunch fresh chopped basil

1 ball of fresh mozzarella cheese or shredded mozzarella or your favorite vegan cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Lay thin sliced zucchini in baking dish
  3. Top with some tomato sauce
  4. Add thin sliced sweet potatoes, red pepper slices and mushrooms, spinach and fresh chopped basil
  5. Add more sauce and top with mozzarella cheese
  6. Bake covered for 25 minutes, then uncovered for another 20 to 30 minutes or until sweet potatoes are cooked through
  7. This vegetable lasagna is  great to eat the second day
  8. Add to a wrap or top on a salad and create more meals during the week

Recipe by Laura London at