When you think of ballet, you probably picture in your mind a thin, and beautiful ballerina dancing gracefully on the dance floor leaving every person that sees her in complete awe. Accurate?

Well, if that’s what you pictured, you’re exactly right. But what’s their secret? Aside from the grace, elegance and beauty of this dance form, ballet is really a total body workout, plus a spiritual and mental cleanse all wrapped into one.

7 Benefits of Ballet Workouts

1. Long and Lean Muscles

It tones and sculpts your body because, ballet teaches movements that naturally develop long and lean muscles, not thick ones.

2. Better Posture

Good posture and alignment plus focus are essential when doing ballet exercises which, will carry over into your daily life.

3. Confidence

Ballet will help you improve not only your posture but your confidence. You will be standing taller when you enter a room.

4. Flatter Tummy

Ballet exercises work not only your core but your back muscles at the same time.  Which gives you a corset like affect and a tighter tummy and back, which helps to prevent back injuries.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is key in our everyday lives. Ballet is a great way to stretch your muscles, therefore,  keeping them long and lean. Being flexible also helps to prevent injuries.

6. Spiritual and Emotional Health

You are able to express yourself with ballet movements because, they flow with your body and are more gentle on the body.

7. Dissolve Stress

Ballet can melt your daily stresses away since, you have to focus on the exercises and “tune” out your everyday life. Ballet exercises  require you to shift your focus to the proper movement therefore, you will focus on your hands, placement of your legs and feet, as well as the coordination of your body.

Beautiful Ballet Workout